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Slovenia is far from the top of anyone’s travel hit list.

We think it should be. It looks just like other more popular countries, but without the drawbacks.

Visit Slovenia partners with travel bloggers on Instagram. They put up stories in what seems like loads of different locations, jumping impossibly from the Rockies to the Alps. They encourage their followers to guess where they are using the poll function, only to reveal all the places were Slovenia.

Before visiting a place, people often check it out on Google Street View. We hijack some of the most searched locations with messages encouraging people to check out Slovenia instead.

Slovenia is so great we get other countries to boast about it.
E.g: We show a typical kiwi stood on a rolling hill waxing lyrical about the beauty of the country. To then reveal he’s talking about Slovenia. We use the same content format for America, Scandinavia, Austria, etc.